Architectural Musings

Several aspects define building design: locale, context, function, occupancy- that become significant determinants from the final architectural make-up affecting cutting-edge dynamism that’s an order during the day…

While creating Arena Space, the attention-catching blue glass high-rise that captures one using its simplicity on JVLR road, Mumbai, designers Rajan & Sachin Goregaoker of GA Design have oriented it for the north to help keep it available to the skyline with three sides enveloped in glass for continuous proper sights although the help are consigned towards the south.

Created around the lines of the fluid ribbon, which arises from the floor and systems round the building, dynamically spinning towards the terrace, the apparently simple glass box generally is covered with this ribbon, catching your eyes of passersby – a unique design in stark contrast to the surroundings.

The commercial business building exudes a powerful place of work identity, where all of its Vaastu-compliant seamless large flooring sits on the rectangular plate, hosting just one office fit-out. As the lower three flooring constitute a triple-height lobby around the west side, the ribbon element grows and contracts on certain flooring, subjecting the refuge decks randomly times. Because it reaches the top building, the ribbon angles out dynamically to supply a perfect branding location after which stretches out past the terrace level. A glass lift core around the west side supports the building along with the ribbon on one for reds along with a glass facade with vertical aluminium fins alternatively.

The dwelling in most its simplicity works at achieving an inside full of sun light and openness, while architecturally challenging the mould of foreseeable form and style. As being a commercial building, the glass facade is basically a mix of several materials like dark granite posts around the lower flooring, aluminium cladding, aluminium extruded sections and performance glass.

Using the west side completely uncovered, it had been faithfully made the decision the glass accustomed to shield the sun’s rays and reduce warmth grow in the inside, could be high end blue glass. In age legendary architecture that can make an announcement by its sheer presence, the world Space building sticks out because of its understated aesthetic, making certain an appropriate atmosphere because of its residents, although it impacts and reflects upon the dynamism a company conglomerate would naturally enjoy being connected with. Click the link to see the pictures of the building on

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